Diabetes – Silent Killer

Diabetes Mellitus is a metabolic disorder characterized by hyperglycemia, that is increased level of glucose in blood and usually with passage of sugar in the urine.This disorder is caused by either due to deficiency of a digestive hormone called insulin or inability of body cells to use the available insulin.
There are many causes of Diabetes Mellitus like –
• Sedentary lifestyle
• Irregular eating habits
• Continuous Stress
• Excessive weight with central or android obesity
• Heredity

Types of Diabetes
There are two types of diabetes –
Insulin Dependent (Type 1) – Insulin dependent diabetes is also called Juvenile Diabetes. In this type of diabetes, the production of insulin is highly increased. It’s generally observed in under nourished children.
Non Insulin Dependent (Type 2) – Non insulin dependent diabetes generally occurs after the age of 35 years or in middle aged obese persons. Insulin production is decreased in this type of diabetes. It doesn’t have any symptoms in early stages and is generally diagnosed accidentally.
However some symptoms of NIDDM can be –
• Polydipsia ( Excessive thirst )
• Polyphagia ( Excessive hunger )
• Polyuria ( Frequent urination )

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