Diet to maintain pH level in your body

Maintaining an alkaline diet is getting increasingly difficult in modern western culture and sedentary lifestyle . It is very important to maintain the healthy pH balance in your body. Our bodies are naturally alkaline, but our eating and drinking habits and the stress we endure, creates health problems like acidity or even cancer.
Pick your food accordingly that should help to maintain pH balance or alkaline levels of your body. If you have increased tendency of frequent acidity then you need to include food that is more alkaline in nature.
Alkaline diet is also good for your digestive system. Foods like Broccoli, fennel, kale, beetroot, lemon, grapefruits and dates helps to reduce acidity in our body and maintain pH balance. Herbs, nuts, seeds and herbal teas are also helpful.
Alkaline food digest easily. Not having enough alkaline foods, results into our body pulling calcium, magnesium and phosphorus from our bones, teeth and organs, which make them weaker and more prone to various diseases.
Alkaline food helps to bring the body’s pH to a balanced level that supportive for our health.

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