7 Rules for Great Health

There is a say that we don’t value a thing until we lose it. It is only when we have lost a friend that we realize what we have lost. So is the health. Most of us who are healthy do not value enough the blessings of good health.
Good health is necessary for happiness and success. Those who don’t possess good health could hardly enjoy anything in life. So how can we keep ourselves healthy and enjoy life? Only by knowing and following rules of health.
Rule No 1 – Eat only good, fresh, plain and wholesome food. We must not eat too much or too little, just as much that is required to satisfy our hunger.
Rule No 2 – Exercise regularly. Outdoor games like athletics, or simply running, walking or swimming are especially helpful.
Rule No 3 – Breathe in as much of fresh air as we can. Most of us ruin our health by staying in dark, closed, ill-ventilated room, breathing foul air, for long hours. Try to be outdoor in early morning and in day time as much as possible.
Rule No 4 – Keep yourself engaged in some activities so as not to be idle for long hours. “An idle mind is the devils workshop”. Work is the spice of life. Honest, regular, interesting work, so long as it is not that much exhaustive, will do much to keep you in shape.
Rule No 5 – Take proper rest. It is necessary to take proper rest to upkeep our health and re-energize. Continuous work without breaks is bound to affect our health sooner or later.
Rule No 6 – Sleep sound and properly. “Early to bad and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”. Oversleeping is as harmful as short of it.
Rule No 7 – Say no to alcohol, smoking, asteroids and similar things. While you may not notice their immediate bad effects, they silently ruin one’s body and soul.
Lastly, to enjoy good health, keep your life free from anxieties and simply follow above rules.

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